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Utah Data Recovery tried to deal with the brand name giant in helping me recover my hard drive


I would not hesitate to go directly to Utah Data Recovery for any recovery needs


I had been the proud owner of four of the supposedly, most recognized and popular computer on the market to date. They had never given me any trouble to speak of ---I just kept upgrading every few years. I had always chosen this brand name because of their claim of being so ‘user friendly'. I assumed that this not only applied to application, but to service and customer relations. I assumed wrong. Dead Wrong! One afternoon while working on my home computer, doing those tasks that ‘stay at home' mom's do, which usually include more home related or sentimental tasks, my laptop went completely black and beeped several times. After many failed attempts of reviving, panic set in. I knew something was terribly wrong. Whatever it was I needed to recover those things I held dear that were downloaded on the hard drive. It was the year 2006, surely I am not the first person to have this happen. Not knowing where to turn and having been a faithful user of the product, I called the authorized dealer. It is their computer----who better to fix it!

Here is where my nightmare begins.

I told the gentleman at the store exactly what had happened. My only intention was to recover precious items of sentimental value that were on the hard drive. Some of those items being over 3200 family photographs. It was a computer that was over 3 years old and if that could not be done, they were to proceed no further. He told me they would take a look at it and call me. After several days, I was told it was a RAM problem and they would need to send it to their ‘depot' for repair. This was beyond their capabilities. They quoted a price of
$299.00, I agreed to it as long as it was for the purpose of solely trying to recover the data. Several days passed and I again phoned my authorized dealer for an update. They had no information to offer me and rudely told me to call the national service depot myself for an update. They then gave me the incorrect information on how to track it. When I did finally connect to a general call center for the computer company, I was told only that it was in the ‘works' and they did not have information available as to what the specific problem or if they were able to retrieve any data. Before she hung up she wanted to know if I would like to buy a new computer. I tried again several days later, I was told it was completed and on its way back to the dealer. No other information could be given. A week and a half later my authorized dealer left a message telling me my computer was ready. My husband picked it up, paid the $299.00, and brought it home with no written service order or explanation of repairs----just a receipt of order paid. I hurriedly turned on the computer. To my utter astonishment and complete disbelief. I found nothing but a new hard drive based on the date of purchase of the original computer. I had lost everything! They had done nothing to retrieve it for me, to communicate with me or even care at all in following their consumer's instructions.

After multiple phone calls to the ‘depot' and visits to the authorized service dealer, I found that no one bothered to communicate with me or within the company chain of repair. Data recovery was never a part of their service or intention. Yet, no one ever bothered to pass this on to me--- the customer. There were no apologies given and no thought or intent of monetary reimbursement. In their eyes it was my problem for not knowing better from the beginning.

In all this mayhem and much too late, I discovered Utah Data Recovery and the services they provide. Even though the computer was not in their hands, Utah Data Recovery tried to deal with the brand name giant in helping me recover my hard drive. They went above and beyond in my behalf. I mistakenly relied on my authorized dealer to provide what they should provide----customer service. It was a sad and difficult lesson learned. Utah Data Recovery was able to take another name brand computer long since thought ‘dead' from us and recover other sentimental items on a lost hard drive. I would not hesitate to go directly to Utah Data Recovery for any recovery needs.

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