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Small, un-intrusive footprint
Largest definition list of viruses, worms and trojans
Agressively removes viruses without quarantine
Only $49.95 per year


Command Anti Malware is unlike any other Anti virus software on the market. Almost all other Anti virus programs can cause your computer to become slow due to the large and intrusive nature of the Anti virus program itself. Command does not function this way.

Command is a small, un-intrusive program that just does one job and does it well by deleting viruses without slowing your computer down. Gone are the days of having endless virus files quarantined on your computer. Command is extremely aggressive as an Anti virus program and also has the largest definition list of Viruses, Worms Trojans and other malicious files that can harm your computer.

Your computer is in much better hands with Command Anti Malware. Command Anti Malware only costs $49.95 per year.

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